The Guide to Writing Music for the Atari 2600 on the Macintosh
Using Music Kit 2.0 on the Mac OS

by michael barber


This guide is for Macintosh-based musicians and game developers looking to create music and sounds for the Atari 2600 or 2600 emulator. The document explains how to gather all software and documents necessary to get started.

Paul Slocum's Music Kit 2.0 is the arranging tool we will be focusing on. It's laden with limitations, partly because of the poor sound capabilities of the 2600 and partly because the Kit is a work-in-progress. Either way, it is a state of the art tool for such legacy programming and best yet, it's free! The Music Kit as downloaded is for DOS/Windows; follow the instructions in this guide to use it on the 7.x - 9.x OS Macintosh.

Much thanks to Ruffin Bailey whose help has been indispensable; his Mactari resources are the foundation of this document.


• 2-note polyphony
• 10 unique instruments/sounds; 8 may be used per song
• single tempo per song
• poor overall instrument tuning
• Music Kit is based around a 4/4 time signature

If an Atari/Atari emulator cartridge is not your song's destination format, you can work around these limitations fairly easily. Otherwise, apply your own creative workarounds and be sure to study the demos on the Music Kit web site.


There are legal notices attached to all of this stuff; all should be free to download, but use accordingly.

Music Kit 2.0 download size: 56KB

The kit contains some tools you will need to use with the MPW program below. Some of the files us Macintosh users won't use at all.

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Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW) download size: 23.9MB

This is the big program you will be using to turn your song files into Atari 2600 files. It's a hefty download, about 1 hour 15 minutes over a regular 56k modem. Download the file MPW-GM.img.bin from the following link:

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If that link doesn't work, go to Where is the cheapest place to buy propecia, click on the "Developer" link and search for MPW. Currently, you can access an FTP page from the MPW main page. To find the MPW-GM.img.bin file, follow the path indicated in the ftp link above.

Double click on the file once downloaded; that should automatically launch a utility called Disk Copy on your Macintosh to convert the disk image into a folder titled "MPW-GM" which should appear on your desktop. If you have trouble, check out the Lexapro buy online page for more information.

DASM download size: 224KB (for the whole folder)

The 6502 chip cross assembler.

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Download the July 17, 2003 DASM folder, which has the DASM that will work with your classic/pre-X Mac OS. While an OS X version is available, I am unaware of any tools that will allow you to use the Kit on OS X.

Mactools download size: 92KB

More Macintosh tools for 2600 compiling.

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